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Call me Coco. I have a rich, and creamy irresistible flavor. One taste and I can have you coming back for more and more. Like a rare African diamond my value is beyond measure. Luxury & Class are merely second nature to my existence. Aside from my physicality, I've often been told that I have a heart of gold and a smile that dazzles as bright as the Texan sun on a hot summer day. A native of Dallas, I definitely have that southern charm and I enjoy interacting with others. Like a moth to a flame. I'm drawn to men who appreciate a trans woman of my caliber & style. With my oozing sensuality and appealing yet pleasing sweet whit, you wont know what to do with me. To experience me is to experience a euphoric, ecstatic, sensational feeling...  Will you become Crazy for Coco?

xoxo Coco

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